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Home of Potomac Valley Pastures

We've been growing certified organic produce for our customers throughout the Potomac River Valley since 2011.

We're a true family farm, operated with the help of many close friends along the way.

In 2019, we started a herd of forest-raised Berkshire hogs that now stands 120-strong, as well as a herd of pasture-raised Black Angus cattle. These heritage-breed meats are available for purchase under our registered label, Potomac Valley Pastures and by online order (click below).

Our vision is to provide our customers with natural, high-quality food at affordable prices along with the opportunity to actually know your farmers and where your food comes from.

So if you'd like to try some of our old-genetics Black Angus beef, certified organic greens, or premium Berkshire pork – or if you'd just like to learn more about us – click below.

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