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Beef shares are sold by the eighth, meaning you are buying one-eighth of the animal. There is always variance between steers, so no two shares will be exactly alike or include the exact same cuts, but they include a complete sampling of cuts from the entire steer. To learn more about what is in an eighth share, please view the sample menu here
The price for a single share is $8.50 per pound all-in. So, for example, a share weighing forty-five pounds costs $382.50. Bones for soup or broth are available upon request, as well as organ meat for an additional charge. You are of course able to purchase more than one share. An eighth fits easily in a typical freezer with plenty of room to spare. Shares are available every six or so weeks, and you can follow us on Facebook for updates on availability dates.


If you are interested in purchasing a share please complete the form here. We will be in touch with the date you can expect your share, and send an invoice requesting a $50 deposit, which you can pay online with a credit or bank card. The balance will be due at the time of pick-up, which we will arrange once the shares are ready. Customers are always welcome to pick-up directly from the farm, but for those that live further away we are happy to meet you somewhere in between, if not at your doorstep. 


Thank you for supporting local agriculture and our family!