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About The Beef 


"Old-genetics” means our beef comes directly from the line of Black Angus that roamed on pasture at the beginning of the twentieth century, when cattle were raised largely on grass. It is therefore free of the genetic defects that have pervaded western beef since the Second World War, when corn became the prevalent way to feed livestock.

Our Black Angus are humanely raised exclusively on pasture at a stocking rate of at least two acres per head. They live on a diet of grass, with free-choice access to spent whiskey mash grains, and are completely free of growth-enhancing hormones and antibiotics.


After slaughter, this heritage beef is dry-aged for a period of twenty-one days before processing. This draws moisture out of the beef, resulting in more pronounced flavor. It also breaks down connective tissue, resulting in greater tenderness.

We'd put the quality of our beef up against any other. Just ask our customers who have had an opportunity to try some and they'll tell you about its superb taste, texture, and marbling.

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Beef By The Share 

While we do offer retail cuts, the most cost-effective way to buy our beef is by the share.


All of our beef shares are sold by the eighth, meaning 1/8th of a processed steer. These shares yield about fifty pounds of meat at prices that don’t carry the sticker-shock of buying by the quarter, half, or whole share.

Moreover, 1/8th shares are much easier to store in a conventional freezer. Of course, if you’d like more than 1/8th, you can buy more shares and we’ll discount the price of each share. Check out the sample menu here to see what to expect with your share.

No Confusion or Slick Stuff 

If you’ve ever bought beef by the share before, you may have noticed how much prices seem, at first glance, to vary between producers.

That’s because some producers advertise prices that do not include the cost of processing the meat, some producers advertise prices based on “hanging weight” without making it clear that you’ll only get about fifty to sixty percent of what you’re paying for, and some producers charge an additional fee to get the meat from their farm to you.

​With us, the price you see is the price you pay for the meat you get, processed, packaged, and ready for your freezer and table.

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