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We’ve been growing organic salad greens for a decade. They’re the cornerstone of our business and what got us started. Over the years we’ve learned the best way to grow flavorful, high-quality greens is to grow them in season, as nature intends. 

Our current offerings include Arugula, Baby Kale, Spring Mix, Spinach, and a Spicy Mesclun mix. All are USDA-certified organic and grown outdoors in soil. No hydroponics, tunnels, or artificial lights go into the growing of our greens. 

We understand salads are a year-round staple for most families, but we also want to work with nature, not against it.


Seasonal eating isn’t easy, but we’re working to be available in more local grocery markets each year to make that choice easier.


Most salad greens sold in stores are grown in California or Arizona and take days to weeks to get to your local grocer. Our greens are delivered 24 hours after harvest and therefore have a longer shelf live for you. Be sure to grab a clamshell of Potomac Valley Organics’ greens when they’re available. We know you’ll taste the difference.



You can find our greens at local grocery stores and markets, including:


If you’re interested in having our greens at your store or market, please contact us. 

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