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About The Pork 

Our herd of pigs – 120 strong – are pure Berkshires, also known as Kurobuta. These animals are world-renowned for the quality of meat they yield – distinctive for its red coloring and often mistaken at a glance for high-quality beef –  its moisture content, marbling, and texture are top-tier.

Our animals are raised humanely and exclusively outdoors in their natural environment. We are one of only a handful of legitimate forested pork operations in the entire Mid-Atlantic region; our pigs roam free in paddocks of pasture and woods on a free-choice diet of the grain we provide as well as the nuts, roots, and other fare provided by the forest.​


Pork By The Share 

Our 1/4 pork shares weigh around 35 pounds of meat and come vacuum-packed and labeled, ready for your freezer. Each share includes a complete sampling of all cuts and a variety of sausage. Check out the sample menu here to see what to expect with your share. For updates on when shares are available check out our Facebook page. 


Many other meat share programs are priced on "hanging weight" without making it clear to you that you actually get to take home about half of the hanging weight of the animal.

This is because after hanging weight is determined, the carcass loses about forty to fifty percent of its weight as its processed into retail cuts.

Other programs charge additional fees for butchering and packaging. With us, you only pay for the meat you get; butchering and packaging are already included.

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